Monday, December 16, 2013

First Snow of Winter 2013, COLD, and Getting our Christmas Tree...

We got our first snow of the winter on December 2nd. It was about 2-3 inches and beautiful! Then the weather turned bitter cold with highs in the single digits a few days and lows below zero with wind chill.  It was beautiful but way too cold to play outside.  The day went to get our Christmas tree it was a whopping 11 degrees. I bundled everyone up, went to Klickers and picked out the 2nd tree we looked at.  Then to McDonald's for lunch to warm up and home to decorate. While we were decorating LeAnne kept tell me how much she loved me and how this was the best day EVER.  Christmas with kids in the house is so magical.  This year our tree is the bomb.  John got an actual working tree train. The track is mounted on the tree and the train actually goes around. LOVE it!! Christian is having a lot of fun pulling up on the cage we have around the tree and looking at the lights.  He gets the hugest grin on his face and bounces up and down. It's adorable!  LeAnne has been a SUPER big sister when it comes to helping with Christian and the tree.

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