Monday, February 18, 2008

Ready...Get set...GO

Ready or not here we go!!! Our things are packed, the movers will be here between 8-8:30am, and once our stuff is loaded away we go! We will stay in hotel in Walla Walla tonight, sign papers on our FIRST home at 8:30am Tuesday morning, head to Dayton Court house to get our water turned on and then 603 N Cottonwood St. here we come. My mom is going to drive over with me to help with baby and hang out for a week or so and if the weather holds my auntie Katie is coming over this weekend. WOW the day is REALLY here! I'd say I were flippin on the inside but I am not, I am amazingly calm as I have been throughout most the process. I say most cause I had my days where Satan threw in a negative thought, a doubt and I got caught up. Ya know though God has been blessing us, opening doors WIDE each step of the way. Our life as we know it is changing. It won't all be easy, a few stresses along the way I am sure, $ will be extremely tight but I have NO doubt that God WILL provide for our family, as long as we have each other, and keep following God's lead we will be okay. We will also have a lot of family support and we have had a lot of people already praying for us. I look forward to meeting everyone at the church in Starbuck and hope it will become our church home too. Small town life will be an adjustment too, have to tread lightly and I am sure fittin in will take a little bit. I have heard the locals call us who move from Weastern Washington Coasties. LOL!! Okay enought rambling...gotta load up our cars and get on the go. Love ya'll We get internet on Friday Feb 22nd. Oh I have a job lead with a company called Key Technology. HUGZ!

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Matt & Eva said...

Oh I can't believe this is it! And we never got to meet up! UGH! I do wish you the best over there and will keep you in my prayers. Let me know if you are ever over this way, maybe we could make it work. Do you guys go visit the tulip fields??