Monday, February 11, 2008

4 month Dr Apt

WOW where did the time fly? I can't believe LeAnne is 4 months old. It seems just like yesterday she was wiggling inside of me. She had her 4 month old baby well check appointment today. She weighs 12 pounds 15 ounces and is 24 inches long. Still a lil squirt! We thought for sure she would weigh more. Guess what lil missy did while we were waiting for Dr Molina? She ROLLED OVER from her back to her tummy!!! Yahoooooooo!! She's been workin so hard at home, then while she was there and in nuttin but her diaper she did it!! SWEET!! This has been a month jam packed full of new things. Let's recap: She found her thumb, she's been laughing a lot, she smiles a lot, she is a lot more verbal, she is reaching for things, she has one toy she loves to play with in her bouncer (her pony), she stares at her hands, she definately knows mama and daddy's voice, she follows sound, she watches her puppies movement, she is definately ticklish, she has figure out how to scoot on her back and tummy, she figured out just this weekend how to blow raspberries and things it's way cool, we have given her rice cereal a few mornings and then today she rolled over! Oh and we can forget she is sleeping MUCH MUCH better least 5 hours at a time. WOWSA! John & I couldn't be more in love with our sweet girl! We had a really great time in Oregon this last weekend! She's a great car baby! Amanda is doing great, she's turing into one beautiful young lady. She's doing super in school. Is thinking about doing some combining this summer and get this...she wants to stay with us for a while this summer. WHEW HOOooooo!!! Her Golden Lab puppy is keeping her pretty busy. All looks great for the move! We hope to close on our house on Tuesday the 19th. EEKS! This is a very exciting and scary time for us. I am so thankful and stil a bit shocked where God is guiding us. We are so blessed!!! I'll take some new pictures when I can get them. I tried today but she was having a cranky afternoon. Love ya'll!!!

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