Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few firsts

I won't have a ton of time when posting LeAnne's 4 month update so I thought I'd take a second to share a few firsts for our little girl and us as a family. Last weekend LeAnne discovered her tongue so now more often than not it's hanging out of her mouth and she loves when we play with it. I have to get a's too cute. She is also grabbing onto EVERYTHING and sometime in the last few weeks she started actually holding onto her toy horse and playing with it. Grabbing the hair...hers or bad! :-( OUCH! We took her out to dinner with friends last night for the first time. Thanks Kristin and Bill for being so understanding! She did okay. It was her crabby time of the night so she did well. I spent a lot of the dinner standing next to the table with her, daddy ate quick and then held her while I ate. :-) Then tonight John & I are going on our first date since LeAnne was born! Great Auntie Katie and Grandma Marcia will come over to our house to watch LeAnne. We are going to the Keg for dinner & then Cold Stone for dessert! Get this -- We won't spend a dime -- thanks to my dad/Elaine for Keg gift card and my sister for the Cold Stone gift card. :-) I look forward to spending an evening with my husband. I know it will be odd to be without LeAnne but I know she will be safe at home with auntie & Grandma. In other news I resigned from my Job at Boeing on Friday Feb 1. That was rough, saying good-bye to friends, & an amazing income. Everyone is very happy for us and I know in the long run this is the best thing for our family! John & I continue to pack (I'd say were 80% packed), and continue to wait for his "official" appointment letter so they can close on our house in Dayton. Snoqualmie pass is open this morning! Yahoooooooo!! Please pray for safe travel for my Brother in law and us when we get to moving. Okay enough for now -- gotta get some stuff done while LeAnne sleeps. Love Ya'll!!

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