Thursday, February 7, 2008

A few more 1sts/Move update

We fed LeAnne rice cereal this morning for the first time! She was in such a happy mood this morning I said lets give it a shot. The pictures we captured are too funny! She's like WHAT IS THIS? She actually did pretty well -- of course she wore more than she ate but it was a start. Then we went to BECU this morning to open her an Early Saver account and deposit her Christmas money from Great Auntie Katie. She's on her way to having some money for college, because in case ya didn't know she is gonna grow up one smart girl and take care of her mom and dad in their old age. Ha ha! We do have retirement funds started. LOL!! :-) Also her Auntie Kim is way excited for her arrival. She bought her an outfit for Easter today, and a Johhny Jump up. She's also able to borrow a ton of stuff from a mom at church so LeAnne will have lots to do while mama and daddy work. Oh I can't forget the Strawberryshort cake hate she bought for her to wear while she's in her pack back hanging with auntie while she cleans the patures this summer. A country girl in the making!! In other news John FINALLY got his "official" letter of appointment today. Our lender is now finishing up the processing of our loan. Our new closing date is Feb 19th. We won't have TV or internet at home after Feb 12th so I told John we will have plenty of time to talk and such... We'll most likely be spending time at moms. The movers are scheduled to pick up our stuff on Feb 18 and deliver on Feb 20th. I will post an update after LeAnne's doctor apt on Monday the 11th and then we may be MIA for a little bit until we get settled. This is so EXCITING and a bit scary too! I am just in awe it's really happening! We are so incredibly blessed!!

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