Friday, February 22, 2008

Getting settle in our new home

Oooofta we made it! The movers got to our place in Renton Feb 18th at 7:30am and were done by 11am. We were on the road to Walla Walla by 2pm. It was an interesting trip but we arrived safely to Walla Walla around 7pm. Traveling with an unhappy 4 month old screaming in your ear is NOT fun. The passes were bare, and the only scary road conditions was the freezing fog right before we got to Walla Walla. THANK GOD for Grandma Marcia! She was a HUGE help trying to keep LeAnne happy! We all had a restful night sleep, grandma watch lil girl while we went to sign papers on our house. That wasn't as bad as I'd imagined, only took 45 minutes. We loaded up and headed for Dayton. Get this on our way to Dayton I got a call from Key Technology, I'd applied for a job with them, I'd submited my resume Sunday. They wanted me to come in for an interview. EEKS! As it turned out the HR gal called to cancel the interview because they're not ready to see me. Upon further review of my resume they see I am qualified for a lot more than I applied for and want to see what might work better, and they will be in contact with me in a few weeks. SWEET! I am so not ready to interview, sad to have to go back to work so I need a few weeks to adjust. Anyway we hung out in our new house Feb 19th, Slept on the floor and our things began to arrive Feb 20th. The stairs proved to be a challenge - our King bed won't fit upstairs so we are sleeping in LeAnne's room until John and Stan can do some remodeling tomake it fit, our Queen bed won't fit downstairs -- we will have to look for a double bed or 2 double to make a queen and our couch is too long for our living room. EEKS! We'll make it work though. WOW that was a busy day! We were unpacking fools. I had an opperational kitchen and bathrooms at the end of the day! We are LOVING our house. My sister, my nieces, and grandma have been a BIG help. We didn't get as much done yesterday but plugged away -- by the even hours John and I were exhausted and feeling kinda icky. It's been a BUSY month for all of us. I've started a list for the Grocery store, and a to do list so we can keep on track today. John starts his job Monday and will work a combination of 8 and 12 hour days next week. WOW it just hit me I won't be seeing much of my husband. He'll be working 8am - 8pm days and 8pm to 8am nights. I think some 8 hour shift will be thrown in, he will have some days off but it will certainly be a big adjustment for us both. In the pictures I added LeAnne is a hometown girl now with her Dayton Bulldogs tee-shirt and cowboy boots. Her cousins are having a blast with her. Alrighty I must get in the shower while LeAnne is napping. We are looking forward to my Auntie Katie visiting this weekend, and attending church on Sunday. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we continue to move in and adjust to our new life. We love you all TONS!!! Come visit us when ya can.


Kristin said...

YAY!!! So glad things went so well - moving can go SO WRONG!!! LOL! LOVE the little boots!! Thanks for the update, and keep 'em coming! ;-)
Hugs and love!

Matt & Eva said...

You three look so cute in front of your new house!!! I wish we would have taken pictures when we bought our first house. How is LeAnne adjusting?