Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few quick pix

Great spot to watch Games! Just don't pull dad's hair.

I had taken lots of toys for her to play with but she was much happier with the boxes, Tupperware then Uncle Stan handed her this empty beer box while I was taking pictures and called it her redneck toy. LOL!!

She's doing this a lot lately - it's too cute!

We must get grandma a digital camera so she can take pictures of LeAnne while mama's working! These are some recent photos that were taken this last weekend at Auntie Kym's house. Uncle Greg, Auntie Crescent, Nataly and Jena came over for a visit. It was a lot of fun and mom cooked a yummy dinner for us. I walked in the door from work last Friday to find LeAnne asleep on Uncle Greg's chest. She's been having issues napping for grandma Marcia so Uncle Greg took her for a long walk, she fell asleep and when they got back he took her toes off and sat down with her. He was afraid to move her anymore so she still had her jacket on with hood up. It was a precious sight - wishin I had a photo to share with ya. LeAnne took to her Auntie and Uncle quick and Crescent was a huge help so Grandma could finish getting ready.

On a side note I am wondering if this little girl will ever figure out how to sleep well on a consistent basis. Our troubles go like this; she wakes up crying so once I know she's not going to soothe herself to sleep I go get her, we rock, she's asleep and then once I lay her down she wakes up. UGH! She did this 5 times last night between 1:00-2:00am. I was one frustrated mama. Now for mom she won't nap, same thing she rocks her to sleep and the second takes her away from her chest she wakes up screaming. Mom will let her cry it out some, I understand but don't like it, and sometimes this works.

It's freezing here this morning so I need to go get my car warmed up. Only 1 1/2 more days of work! SWEET! I am so looking forward to a relaxing 4 days off. More updates and pictures coming soon. Have a blessed day!!!

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