Thursday, January 22, 2009

15 Month Check Up

LeAnne is 31.4 inches tall and weighs 21.1 pounds. She definitely has her daddy's metabolism! Yahoooo!! Her pediatrician is very happy with her development and thinks she's a cutie!

We talked at length about her stomach issues. He says it's possible that her initial episode of diarrhea & vomiting was a virus. It is possible that during this time the stomach lining that helps to digest milk was damaged and needs time to repair. He used a bunch of medical terms that escape me at the moment. He also said it is possible she is indeed lactose intolerant. He said he would keep her on the lactose free milk for a month, and slowly begin to feed her table food again. He said after a month I could try giving her regular milk to see if her stomach gets upset if I wanted. He said it doesn't not hurt her one bit though to be on the lactose free milk because she is still getting all the nutrients from the milk she needs. He also prescribed a multi vitamin with fluoride. I love her pediatrician! He is very attentive, personable and takes the time to explain things to us. Today was the first time I had to hold her for her shots, it was not fun at all, I just about started to cry but thankfully it was over quickly.

We are so blessed to have such a healthy little girl!!!

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Kristin said...

So glad it was a great visit to the doctor. I'm also glad you [both] survived the shots. ;-)