Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday full of blessings!

It's puzzle time!

She loves trying to figure out how to do this puzzle.

Our Adorable 15 month old daughter!

Daddy says she looks like one of Elvis's elves in this outfit. Hee hee

I am one blessed person for sure! Birthday celebrations started the Thursday before my birthday when I came home to a clean house, didn't have to cook dinner and I opened my b-day gift from John early. LeAnne was still sleeping when I walked in the door, get this she took a 2 1/2 hour nap and daddy was in a cleaning mood. He had swept, mopped, dusted, done the dishes, vacuumed, and taken out the trash! As for my b-day present he took advantage of Bath & Body works huge after Christmas sale and got me 2 bottles of my fave lotion (Moonlight path) and some pillow sprays. I am so thankful!

On my birthday, Saturday January 10th, John & I were able to watch 2/3 of a movie all at once. This was the first time since LeAnne was born that we both watched a movie neither had seen, well we almost finished the movie. LeAnne took a 2 hr nap. I enjoyed relaxing with John, Gracie and Bella. Then that afternoon my mama cooked me my favorite dinner, beef stroganoff. It was very nice to spend the evening with my sisters family and mom.

As I watched our daughter play on my birthday I recalled a few past birthday memories. On my 27th birthday John gave me the book "What to expect when you're expecting" and said let's start trying to have a baby. I had no idea the journey that was ahead. My 30th birthday was rough..I had hopes of being a mom by 30. My 31st birthday... we took a long walk in the snow & made the decision to move forward with infertility treatments. Praise God I got pregnant the first month of treatment and by my 32nd birthday I was one sleep deprived new mama. I am a mama! It all happened in God's perfect timing!

John arrived safely in Arkansas tonight. 17 days and counting until he comes home. He can't get home soon enough. We miss him already. LeAnne walked around the house this afternoon saying "da da". Learn lots sweetie and then hurry home to your girls.

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