Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayers & Pictures*Update

First of all I realized later in the day I had told you the wrong times, oops. John's flight left at 6am Arkansas time, which is 4am our time in Washington State. ** John sent me a text at 3:50am saying he made it to the airport and would call me from Houston, Texas. Yahoooooooo! I am one HAPPY girl! My man is coming home! He has a layover in Houston, then flies to Seattle, has a layover their and then flies into Walla Walla. I will pick him up right after I get off work. I hope this day goes by VERY VERY fast. I mean like super sonic fast! Can ya tell I miss my hubby! Thanks for your prayers!!

This was taken last Friday when we had a 2hr school delay. I was so excited to put her into a new outfit! 18 month tops are fitting her better but she has no tush to hold up most of the pants yet. :-) She has 3 pair of 18 month jeans I can't wait to see on her. I love her in jeans!

She can climb into this rocking chair all by herself.

Just a few pictures of our little cutie! I'd greatly appreciate your prayers for John's safe trip home tomorrow. Arkansas is being hit by a lot of freezing rain, with snow in the forecast tomorrow morning. YIKES! His flight is scheduled to leave at 6am there time, that's 8am our time. It's REALLY time for him to come home so I am praying he gets here safely tomorrow!! On that note I am off to warm up my car. It's 16 degrees here, and they say it will make it up a balmy 35 today. I hope it does! Brrrrrrrrrr!

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