Sunday, January 25, 2009

This time Wednesday..

Our family will all be under one roof again! We miss our guy so much!! LeAnne has so many new things to show daddy. When she wants a bottle she will come touch my arm like she's leading me to the kitchen and then point to the microwave. She loves to sit in the big rocking chair like mama does and rock herself. She sits calmly, rocks and smiles at me. She gets a kick out of tickling mama. She'll lift up my shirt and tickle my tummy. She has really started to interact with Gracie & Bella. She shares her meals, plays with their toys with them, pets them, and gives them lots of kisses. She is also full of kissed for mama and grandma! She poured water on her head with her cup for the first time tonight. She's one smart little girl full of energy. I love her precious smile!

She was such a good girl today while mama wasn't feeling well. I think I must have a bit of a stomach bug. She's been a real trooper. She even took a 2 hour nap and I napped off and on after a small attempt to shovel snow. It's been snowing off and on all weekend. Thankfully we only have about 5 inches on the ground. I am hoping school is delayed tomorrow morning so I can at least get the walk way shoveled. Oh the joys of Winter. LOL!

I have a few cute pictures to post but I left my camera at mom's house. LeAnne & I spent the day with Grandma Marcia on Saturday. :-)

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