Friday, January 2, 2009

Firsts for our girls & Pics

She had her 7th hair cut this week!


Her first Burger King Crown


Amanda left around noon on 12/31. She is getting really good with this whole flying business. This was the first time she had a layover and had to switch planes. She did very well and we are so proud of her. Their is definitely an emptiness without Amanda here! Oh how we miss her already!! Summer can't come soon enough! Amanda made it home safely and is happy to have received the new Guitar Hero game.

LeAnne is really getting the hang of giving us big sloppy kisses when we ask. It's too cute because after she gives us a kiss she squeals. She is also almost able to climb up into my chair and on the couch. She climbed up onto her pony all by herself today. EEEKS! While Amanda was here LeAnne got her first Buger King crown. She looked too cute. Seeing LeAnne in the crown reminded John of the time Amanda was wearing a BK crown, playing with the locks of daddy's car and click... she locked them out of the car. Of course daddy didn't have a spare key or a cell phone. He was none too happy but who stay mad at his cute lil girl with her Burger King crown.

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