Sunday, January 4, 2009

Babbling, stacking, kissing, teeth brushing, clapping & climbing!

If you were a fly on the wall in our house today you might hear "bap, ba, gee, bab, whoa, wa, da, geee, bap bap, ba ba, la la, gra, gra, ga, geee". LeAnne has been babbling all day long. If we only knew what gee meant, that seems to be her favorite these days. Daddy even started calling her "Gee" today.

Who needs blocks to stack when you have Toilet paper rolls, Tupperware, cups, puzzle pieces and stuffed animals! LeAnne stacks almost everything she plays with these days. While we were cleaning our store room today I had found some toilet paper I was going to take upstairs. LeAnne found them before I could and the next thing I know she had them stacked up 4 high.

Daddy loves it when lil girl gives him kisses! It's so cute! She gets so excited that she screams after she gives ya a kiss. We love our wet, sloppy LeAnne kisses!!

Whenever I brush my teeth I try to remember to brush her teeth. Just this weekend when she saw me coming with her tooth brush she opened her mouth and came to me. YEAH! I praise her big time for brushing her teeth!!

It's so cute how she claps when she sees other people clapping. She really gets into it when she sees people on TV clapping and cheering!

Look out she's a climber! This weekend she climbed onto our couch and into my chair. She also climbed onto her horse, "Lucky" all by herself. Then at one point this weekend she walked right off the couch. EEKS! Can I put a helmet on her?

I don't wanna go back to work! :-( I've had such a blast being home with our girl! She is one busy girl all the time!! She seems to be learning something new every time we turn around. Daddy & I think she's one precious little girl! Daddy's back on days this week,and then he heads to Little Rock on Sunday until the end of January. He's going to take a Firearms Instructor course for work. We will miss him a TON! Well I must go rock lil girl to sleep! HUGZ!

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