Sunday, March 8, 2009

She's something else for sure...

Notice what hand her crayon is in? Why it's
the left hand. It's still early but I know my
sis would be very happy to have another
lefty in the family. :-)

"Oh pretty pretty"

She's reading Parenting magazine. I'd better
watch out or she'll start telling me how its done.

Notice the blocks... color/texture side up
I turned a few to the clear side & she promptly
turned them back to the color/texture side.

I love our little girl so much!! There is nothing like 1 nuzzle wuzzle good morning,I love you hug to start my day on the right track. I could kiss her a billion times a day & not get enough kisses. Sometimes I find myself just smiling from ear to ear as watching her play and think about all the times I wasn't sure I'd ever be a mama! She is changing so much everyday. She has started to say "OW" when she hurts herself. She loves to color & look out if you take away her crayons -- she has started to throw mini temper tantrums. I am like WHOA what was that. When stacking her blocks they all have to be turned the same way - color side/texture side up) She loves taking walks, reading books/magazines, and bath time is the best. Her & I had a wonderful girls weekend! I love it when we play and she giggles! She is trying really hard to communicate with us and boy does she get frustrated when we can't figure out what she wants. Now lucky girl gets to spend 2 whole days with daddy. :-)


Anonymous said...

LEANNE looks very good in blue!

Eva Foster said...

I love her outfit! She is so cute. I can't believe how big she is getting! I wish our girls lived closer! I could see them being best friends!