Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break 2009 is just 4 days away

Good Morning!

We've survived another cold! Mama & daddy are on the mend praying lil girl does not get sick! Even though we felt crummy on Saturday we made the best of our family time. The weather was nice so we took LeAnne outside to play for almost 2 hours. I tell you this kid LOVES to be outside. Funny story... she has this small mound of dirt in our flower bed that she loves to play on, queen of the hill, she was on top of the hill, bending over to pick something up when in slow motion she just tipped over right on her head. I wish I had a video of it because you'd be laughing so hard right now. She stood up, brushed the dirt off her head and looked at us like that was strange and went on playing. She is going to have so much fun playing outside. Daddy has a picture of an amazing swing/slide/house play set he is going to build for her next year!

I am so EXCITED for Spring break! We have 4 days of school this week and then it's Spring break from March 27th until April 5th. We have a ton of things that need to get done outside and inside the house. Spring Cleaning time! I am also looking forward to taking LeAnne to Toddler story time at the Dayton Public Library on Tuesday. I'm hoping we will have some nice spring weather so we can walk to the park, get some outdoor pictures to put on our updated blog background, and let LeAnne swing.

You know you take way to many pictures of your kid when they start looking alike. I am in a photo rut, it's time to get some fun, and candid outdoor shots. Here is one of her coloring on Sunday. It looks like she is pausing to study her art work. Hee hee! She really enjoys coloring but we can't turn our back for a second or she may eat the crayons. ICK!

We've decided that she is working really hard to figure out how everything works right now and then when she's ready she will tell us all about it. In the picture below she's wondering if the she can stack the crayon on top of the blocks. We have also decided when we give her away at her wedding (when she's MUCH older...30 sounds good) that when the pastor asks us who gives away this bride were are going to say "me me me me" in honor of how she is asking for things now, then exchange a high five. Hee hee! I tell ya the "me,me, me" is cute the first few times but oh boy does it wear on ya. We are really working on verbalizing what she wants, saying the names of the toy in her hand and she is listening. I thought I heard her trying to say block last night. It will come in her time!

Here is a scrap book page I added pictures and journaling to yesterday while she napped. I am so thankful for these pre-made pages that I had my baby shower guests do for me. It has been so nice to scrap her milestones with these pages. My goal is to have her 1st year book completed by the end of summer and I think if I get organize and commit some time to scrap booking it will be an easy goal to meet. I realized 1/2 way through doing this page oops there are no pictures of her standing so I found one that was near the time she start walking. I remember it was difficult to get pictures of her walking. The journaling was taken from our blog about the weekend she took her first step. Click HERE to read that blog entry. I'll always cherish the fact that John & I got to see her first step together.

LeAnne gets to spend the next 2 days with daddy. I LOVE it that they get to spend so much time together. He loves the time and she loves her daddy so much!

A little birdie told me that one great auntie was out shopping on Saturday, she was at umm BabiesRus and her cart was 1/2 full soon after she got there. Auntie, auntie, auntie! LeAnne is one lucky/blessed niece! :-)

Have a great week & I hope to post some fun Spring break pictures next week!

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