Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am going to focus on specific person I am thankful for. I am very thankful for my husband, he truly is a blessing from God. Some of the qualities I most admire about him are his: kindness, loyalty, leadership, and his sense of humor. I appreciate his honesty, and how we always try to communicate. Our journey together has had it's fair share of bumps but we've pulled together, supported each other, loved each other unconditionally, and grown with each others help. Our marriage took a huge turn for the better when we both recommitted our lives to Jesus. I believe letting God be the center of our lives, praying for each other and growing in our faith together are just a few reasons we are where we are today as a team. It's awesome how we step up to the plate for the other person and we take turns being the stronger one.

Having our daughter LeAnne has taken our relationship to a whole different level. It started when I was put on bed rest do to pregnancy induced hypertension. He stepped up and went above and beyond. He cooked, cleaned, ran errands, organized the cupboards and nurtured me. He supported me in my quest to use hypno-birthing techniques instead of medication to cope with labor & delivery. He was amazing, he never left my side and helped me through each contraction. I'll never forget watching his emotions as he helped deliver LeAnne. He's been very supportive and involved since day one.

Our girls are blessed to have a dad who is so involved. I know it broke his heart to not be able to be with Amanda. He calls her at least once a week and we stay as involved as we can. I am incredibly thankful for the days LeAnne gets to spend with daddy. It gives me peace of mind to know LeAnne is home bonding with daddy. I love that he loves to spend time with her.

Today was a wonderful example of his love. I walked in the house and noticed right away that he'd been cleaning. It looks beautiful, clutter free, laundry going, dinner in the crock pot and coffee made for morning! I am so thankful!! I was able to spend more time playing with LeAnne tonight.

I am thankful for our friendship. We have fun together. I love to listen to him sing in the car and sharing new experiences.

I pray that we will continue to love each other as God loves us! I pray we continue to grow and take care of each other. I am so thankful for my husband.


Anonymous said...

Thank you hun. Love you just as much, if not more.


Eva Foster said...

Aww how special is that!!!