Monday, March 16, 2009

When will we hear more words?

Good Morning!! We had a wonderful family weekend! We love it when daddy's home! We went grocery shopping on Saturday. LeAnne rode in one of those cars attached to the shopping cart for the first time. She LOVED it! Next shopping trip I'll get a picture.

I know I'll regret saying this but I can't wait until LeAnne can tell us what she wants! I know, I know I am sure all you experienced parents are going oh man she'll eat those words some day. LOL! It is just so frustrating when she walks into a room saying "me, me, me, me" (we know that means she wants something), sometimes she'll throw us a bone and point but other times I have to follow her gaze and try to figure it out. YIKES! If I am frustrated think how she must feel too. We have no idea where the "me, me, me" came from either. Oh yeah I forgot if you hand her something she doesn't want she'll push your hand away and get really mad. When will she begin to put more words together? Is she behind with her speech? I know ever kid is different but I thought by 17 months she would be saying a few more words. Should I be concerned? She is always babbling about something, trying hard to put those words together and she watches/listens to everything we say.

I am thinking one day it will just start to click and then watch out! This is how it has been with other new skills she has learned. She is so busy all the time. She is always trying to figure out how things work, stacking everything she can get her hands on and their is definitely no worries about her fine motor skills. This last week we started coloring with her a lot more and she loves it. She knows what drawer I keep the crayons in and every chance she gets she's at the drawer "me, me, me". Once we start coloring she chooses a lot of different colors, colors mostly with her left hand and on Saturday enjoyed a game of crayon pick up (she'd dump out the crayons, then put them back in the box over & over).

On Friday I was showing John the clean up song on Youtube and we found the 5 little monkey song, which she loved. I like to sign or use hand motions with her a lot because she is very receptive so I found the signs to the song. In just 2 days she's knows jumping, and bumped his head! :-)

She was not in the mood to have her picture taken this weekend. I tried really hard to get a cute picture of her in the adorable skirt outfit she wore on Saturday but never did get a good one. I did capture a cute video...

Have a wonderful week! We sure do miss all of our family & friends in Western Washington!

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