Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring break 2009 has begun...

Spring break got off to a bit of a rocky start. On Friday I was more sick than I have been in years. I am on the mend and very thankful that John was home this weekend and as always extremely thankful he stepped up to the plate in a big way to take care of his girls while mama was sick. He's the best!!

Updated to add video below of LeAnne golfing, and say were having a GREAT first day of spring! I love spending time with my daughter. Also Please pray for Stellan & his family!

Then since rain was forcasted for all day Saturday we headed into town to do some shopping. I was still feeling a bit out of it but there was stuff to be done so I pushed myself. We found LeAnne a toys for diggin in the dirty ( a dump truck, & different shovels) and she got her first little Tonka truck. Daddy also got LeAnne her first set of golf clubs. He showed her once how to hit the ball and away she went. It was too cute. We also scored on a great deal for a nice car seat for daddy to have in his truck. LeAnne had fun helping daddy assemble the car seat.

Snow in the end of March? HUH? We couldn't believe it when we woke up to 4" of snow Sunday morning. John had planned on doing a bunch of yard work and was none to happy to be shoveling snow instead. This weather is NUTS! LeAnne's first reaction was to say "ICK"! Later yesterday morning she wanted to go outside so bad. She had her shoes on and kept say "out, out, out" so I finally said okay lets go, figuring it would be very short lived trip outside. More on our trip outside later today....

Well I hear LeAnne waking up so I will go ahead and publish this blog and update later with a cute video of her golfing.

LeAnne reading the instructions for daddy as
he puts her car seat together. We found a deal
on a nice/safe car seat for Daddy's truck.

Snow on March 29th?

Ready to cruise while we shop!

Kickin back while mom & dad grocery shop.

Practice Easter egg hunt
Take note - PJ's & shoes.
She loves her velcro shoes!

This is her serious look which we
see a lot more these days.

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Michelle Riggs said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

Thank you so much for praying for Abby.