Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Our family had a busy weekend filled with Christmas traditions & trips to town. My dear husband braved the bitter cold temperatures on Saturday to hang out Christmas lights outside. Then their was talk between us about buying an artificial tree. I know it may make economic sense and environmental sense in the long run but after much thought I just couldn't bring myself to stop getting a real tree. For me it's more about the tradition of going to the Christmas tree farm that I don't want to lose. My little brother & I had a lot of fun growing up when we went to get our Christmas tree. We loved to run through the trees, we played hide and seek and we helped searched for that perfect tree. I also remember singing Christmas carols in the car, drinking hot chocolate to warm up while our parents paid for the tree and how thrilled my brother was when he was old enough to cut the tree down all by himself.

Sunday afternoon we headed into town working our way back to the Klickers to get a Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun for to see LeAnne running between the trees. She kept wanting to run after some kids playing hide and seek which made me realize how much I hope God blesses us with a sibling for her. While we searched for our tree LeAnne started collection of precious branches. On the cost front, to our surprise the coin jar we cashed in earlier that day paid for our tree and them some. Definitely a blessing from above! With our three on top of our car, we headed home to decorate. We only put on the lights, tree topper and a few ornaments because Amanda is really excited to help us decorate this year. LeAnne was so excited to check out each and every decoration. We were so impressed when she put the Christmas angel on the tree. I have some really cute videos I will upload later this week if I can solve the technical difficulties.

On a side note... Some of you may know I am way involved in entering giveaways on different blogs. I've been blessed to win quite a few awesome giveaways and I've been introduced to some amazing products in the process. Two of my favorite blogs have teamed up to have an awesome Christmas event called Here comes Santa Claus. I urge you to check out the giveaways at Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom.

Stay tune for more Christmas traditions from the Leonard's. I can't wait to finish decorating with our girls, take the girls to pick out their ornament and bake Christmas cookies together.

Pretty Pretty Lights

LeAnne & Daddy begin the search for our tree

and she's off....

One of LeAnne's precious branches!

Making sure the tree will fit. :-)

Helping daddy secure the tree...

Helping LeAnne put an ornament on the tree

Putting the angel on the tree

Take 2 - Puting Santa on the tree because the Angel's wings need to be fixed. :-)

Isn't she a pretty tree...


Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the Christmas tradition. It was nice going through your blog. The cutie in the picture is adorable. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Jen said...

Oh, she is so cute and how sweet to see her getting the Christmas tree ready.

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