Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moon Moon Ere R You?

I will return to less words Wednesday next week. I didn't have a good shot this week and with the holidays coming up I should have plenty to choose from in December. I thought I would tell you a cute story instead. Last week was our towns Christmas kick off and they do it up big here in our small town. John was working and LeAnne was being a very emotional 2 year old so we didn't make it into town to see a whole lot but Saturday afternoon little miss emotional woke up from her nap in rare form. Oh our girl is a scream and can she ever throw a fit. As I listen to here scream I chant in my head I love my daughter, I love her a lot, I really really do" Ah ha lets go for a walk! Outside has always been a reset button of sorts for LeAnne. She was all excited when I asked if she wanted to go for a walk but then wigged out again when I told her she had to get her shoes and coat on. 1o minutes later and many times of saying if you want to go for a walk you need to stop crying we were on our way into town. Mind you our trip got started later than I'd expected, the sun was going down but we were bundle up, she wasn't crying so we continued on our walk to town. So we walked, she pointed out the trees, said hi to passing cars and then she saw... The MOON! She screamed with joy and I do mean screamed. The whole rest of our walk into town I'd here "hi moon", oh no moon moon er are you", and then a squeal of joy when we'd round a corner and there was the moon. She could care less about all the beautiful Christmas decorations in town she just wanted to see the moon. Then it came time to walk home, away from where she could see the moon. Oh my she lost it! She cried off pretty much the whole way home. Between he cries you could hear "moon moon Er R you"? Oh it was a long long long walk home! She was very happy to see the full moon last night!

Emotional Girl by Terri Clark is the perfect song for LeAnne & I. If LeAnne's emotions as a 2 year old are any sign of what she'll be like as a teenager where in big trouble and will need LOTS of patience. There is a line in one of her favorite books (Olivia) that goes like this "You really wear me out sometimes but I love you anyway" and Olivia says "I love you anyway too" I love it! That is so perfect for how I feel sometimes! I love our daughter more than words can express and she sure can wear her mama out sometimes. hee hee

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jana and John! Very cute, pink, soft, sweet little girl ya got there. Awesome blog. Dang you've put some real work in this. I think I'll start doing family history again, now that we have the office set up, and post it like this, I think. Hmm. Great way to tell the stories, and I have a bunch, going waaaaaay back to the 1600's. No, no, not about my life. I'm not that old. But the Skellengers go back to 1652 in this country, and I have it to 1598 in Antwerp, Belgium, before it was Belgium, that is.
Great way to tell your stories.
I'll check this site often. Thanks very much. Love you. v