Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BFC 18" ink doll Giveaway @Momspotted

I recently started searching for a doll to give LeAnne for Christmas so it was perfect timing that I came upon this giveaway.  BFC, Ink. has offered one Mom Spotted Reader a BFC, Ink. 18″ Large Doll Set! I like these dolls because they are modern and conservatively dressed.  I also really appreciate that each of the dolls has a story that will help young girls deal with real life challenges. This is a doll I would love to win and put away for LeAnne when she gets a little bit older.  

Kaitlin looks the most like LeAnne and I think she might be able to relate to her artistic abilities. 

I was struck by how much Noelle reminds me of myself.  She's organized, sweet, caring, painfully shy and loves animals. 

I also love that these dolls are available for $30 - $35 each.  A very affordable quality doll.

Hurry now, head on over to Mom Spotted to enter to win your own BFC Ink doll.

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