Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

On Christmas Eve we ventured over the river and through the city streets to Grandma Marcia's house. (a 5 minute journey across town for our family) We had way too much yummy food to snack on through out the evening.  We opened gifts and then watched The Christmas Carol.  It was a tad bit scary for LeAnne but she handled it very well.  LeAnne was beyond excited the whole evening.  She sang and danced all night long.

Once at home LeAnne helped prepare a plate of goodies for Santa & the reindeer.  She insisted Santa wanted an egg, some cookies and milk. Thank goodness we'd brought home some deviled eggs from grandmas.  The reindeer got some baby carrots. Then daddy read her the Night Before Christmas and we tucked her into bed. 

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