Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I am a little late blogging about Christmas day but since I use my blog for scrap book journal writing too I wanted to make sure to write it down.  This Christmas season has been one of the most magical since I was a kid.  It's been so much fun watching LeAnne be so excited about Christmas 

Around 4am I heard LeAnne hollering her drink was missing.  When I got to her room she was pretty crabby so I gave her the drink and said go back to sleep.  She later woke up happy around 6:30am.  Since her room is right next to the living room, I showed her the stockings were filled then we turned upstairs to wake up daddy. Sensing her excitement daddy was outa bed in a flash.  Once down stairs LeAnne found her gift from Santa, which was a Chugginton Training Yard Loop Set. She absolutely LOVES her train set and trains!! 

While she was playing I passed out presents then daddy & I started opening our gifts to each other.  My husband spoiled me once again! Thank-you so much honey!!

Once LeAnne saw us opening gifts she was all over opening her gifts.  She was  a bit overwhelmed with all her gifts.  After all the gifts were opened we put in the Beauty and the Beast DVD she got from Auntie Katie.  Auntie also got her a set of the movie characters so each time a new character was introduced we'd give them to her and she'd compare them with the TV saying :"match".  We've now seen Beauty and the Best 4 times and she loves playing with the characters. 

What is the saying... It isn't Christmas until someone cries.  I made cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast thinking LeAnne would love this.  Ha ha that is what I get for thinking.  It was like absolute torture to get her to even take a bit.  Ended up with her going to her room crying and the movie being paused.  After a short while daddy sat down to have cinnamon roll with her and as I thought she loved it once she took a bite. "Tastes like candy" 

Adorable moment alert... Christmas morning I was busy cleaning up the kitchen when I turned to see LeAnne totally naked, with her Christmas dress wrapped around her playing with her train set. Okay I think it's time to get dressed. hee hee!

Around noon we picked up Grandma Marcia and headed down Clear View Springs farm where we had a lot of fun with my sister and her family. It was one of the most relaxed Christmas celebrations I've had in a few years!  LeAnn wore her cute Christmas dress and mud boots so she was ready to ride Buddy.  All the food was yummy. Oh the prime rib...yum!  Every time I turned around LeAnne had a handful of veggies from the veggie tray. I love that she loves vegetables. 
Okay as I am typing this LeAnne is singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, ABC Santa's sleigh, Santa's sled, Yeah"  She is quite the little singer this year.  She sings E (we) Wish you a Merry Christmas, and Jingle Jingle Little Bell a lot.

In fact here is a performance by Miss LeAnne Kimberly Leonard Wingnut Princess Pumpkin !! 

This post is really random so I am just going to let the pictures and videos we took do the talking. 
Christmas morning mess! Watching Beauty & The Beast!!

Loving her Hungry Hippo Game from Uncle Greg, Auntie C resent & Dane

Learning how to ply her Leap Frog Zippity

Dr. Leonard getting ready to give mama a shot                 

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