Monday, December 6, 2010

A quick hello

Good Morning!  I am so happy to say we are all healthy again and I am going back to work today.  That was the sickest I've been in years.  LeAnne is feeling better too and enjoying the Christmas season.  She says Merry Christmas to us at least a few times a day.  She is very excited to talk with Santa this next weekend.  She's watched Mickey's Christmas so many times I've lost count. (10 plus).  Next year for sure we must take her to Disney on ice.  Seeing Christmas through her eyes is such a gift.  We've been talking about the reason for the season and I am thinking I might make a small birthday cake with a candle and we'll sing Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas day to help her understand a little. 

I must get ready to work but I wanted to leave you with a few cute pictures of our girl LeAnne Kimberly Leonard Wingnut Princess Pumpkin (she actually says that is her full name and corrects us if we get it out of order) hee hee!  She has been into dressing up and make believe play a lot lately.  Sunday night she walks out of her room with this hat, sunglasses and bracelet saying "That's me"!

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