Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little more time with our girl

Amanda's flight was over booked and for some reason they down sized the plane so their was no more room. Her mom was none to happy, it cause changed to plans but what do ya do. So we were compensated with 200% of the cost of a one way ticket. She is guaranteed to get on a new flight tomorrow that will get her home around 4pm.

On the upside she was able spend the day with us in town. Both her and dad got hair cuts, we had lunch at BK and got LeAnne a few size 18 month outfits. We came home and all took a nap, which was really nice. I even got to sleep with my precious girl on my chest. I love having her so close to me. Tonight we plan to chill and play a game after lil one goes to bed.

Well I am off to change ANOTHER diaper...LeAnne is STILL not feeling well. She is still having some stomach cramping but eating, drinking and playing.

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