Sunday, May 11, 2008

7 Months old - First Tooth - Mother's Day

My mama & I discovered LeAnne's first tooth today! It's on the bottom left side. This could be why she's been so crabby the last few days. I can't believe our little girl is 7 months old. She's my bright eyed girl; full of energy, and smiles. She loves music, and carrots are her favorite. She is on the move - if they was a race for fastest army crawling baby I know she'd win given the right motivation. :-) My mama and I are wondering where the volume is -- she's been one noisey girl these days. Hee hee! I think she's transitioning to only taking 1-2 naps a day now. She's got way too much to do, she might miss something if she naps. Oh boy this is a transition for mama! We attempted to have some professional pictures taken this week and it was a wreck so I am thinking from now on I will take the pics with my digital camera and only take her in to have pictures done once a year. That was frusterating! She wore the most adorable dress that she got from Auntie Katie. I will take more pictures next time she's in it. By the time I took this pictures she was done for the day. No more pictures!
Mother's day has taken on a new meaning this year. I waited and prayed for our little girl for a long time. Being a mama is the hardest yet most rewarding job EVER! John made mother's day special all the way from Arkansas. He sent me the most beautiful card and then ... he had a beautiful boquet of flowers delievered to me! He's a keeper! I was also thrilled to get a text message from Amanda today wishing me Happy Mother's day. I miss our girl so much. Well I am off to mom's tomorrow so I must go get ready.

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Eva Foster said...

I hope your first Mother's Day is one to remember! I know how long you've waited. First tooth! Woo hoo!!!!!