Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome Home Daddy!

John is home!!!!!!!!!!!! We picked him up from the airport yesterday afternoon. LeAnne did very well - she gave him a few looks like who are you again, didn't want me to go very far away from her but a few hours after we were home she was giving daddy some serious smiles and very relaxed with him. I swear she was showing off for daddy last night -- doing all her new stuff, ate an amazing dinner with hardly any mess, and she showed daddy how she fights going to bed. He can't believe how much she's changed, swears she's a lot heavier and stronger. We kept looking at each other all night -- me saying "its so good to have you home" -- him saying -- "I am so happy to be home." It was great to be able to have him watch LeAnne while I cooked a real dinner (one of his faves - Sausage Manicotti) and we were able to eat dinner together before 7pm. I got the most amazing night of sleep -- I have not slept that good in 5 weeks. LeAnne is STILL sleeping -- she went down at 9:30pm and now it's almost 6am. Wahooooooooooooo!!!! Gotta love that!! I told John yesterday it's like the moment I saw him I was able to take a deep relaxing breath. It's so AWESOME to have my husband home!!

In other news Amanda called me yesterday on our way home from Pasco and she thinks she should be able to get a job working in June as a life guard at one of their local pools. She was VERY excited. Swimming is right up her alley, and she says I can get a tan. It was so COOL to get a phone call from her outa the blue.

My mama is here for good. She signs on her house deal on the 27th and her things will be delivered on the 28th. She is staying with my sister for a few days and then with us for a few days. Her cats are in my guest room chilling for a few days until she gets settled. They not so sure what's going on but really handling things well. Charlotte even came out to be loved on last night.

Okay well I am going to go enjoy a second cup of coffee, something I don't recall doing for a LONG time. I'll post some new pictures soon. Have a blessed day!

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