Friday, May 16, 2008

GREAT to see everyone & teething woes

It was so great to see all my work friends, my second family on Wednesday! Jerrie thank - you so much for organizing! I miss you ALL so much!! I would love time with each of you to catch up! You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Oh how I wish a virtual job would work out so I didn't have to leave the family and could make good $. Come visit us in our little town anytime you are in the neighborhood. LeAnne hadn't napped so I thought for sure we were in for a really fun time but she was a star. Ya'll wore her out. She was asleep two blocks after we got in the car. She took 2 good naps that afternoon. Then poor girl her teeth started to bother her again so she didn't sleep more than a few hours that night. Yesterday was rough too. I can't even imagine how bad teething must hurt. The only decent nap she got was when I took a drive to Issaquah and we drove around for about an hour. I think she must be working on a tooth on top. If anyone has any tips on how to ease the pain I'd gladly listen!! Kristin -- girl dinner was AMAZING as usual. I MISS you so much my friend and it was great to talk. Thank-you and PLEASE do visit when you can. I am so thankful our friendship knows no distance! Okay LeAnne is back down for a nap so I am off to nap too. I am learning. Great knews John got 100% on his written test this week and got 14 pts out of 16 possible points on his physical fitness test -- did all that with an ear infection. Were in the home stretch now! He has one more week - which I think will go by fast cause he's in his comfort zone - fire arms training. Well back to bed but first here is a cute picture of baby and I that mom took of us this week. LeAnne's been having fun bathing in grandma's sink. Love ya'll TONS!

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