Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick update

Hellooooooooooo out there! I have been meaning to upload some pictures but we've been busy getting my mom moved into her new house. She's very HAPPY to be here and her place is shaping up nicely. My Aunt Katie and Grandma are coming to town today to help her with unpacking. It takes us approximately 2 minutes to get to my mom's house! Yahoooooooo!!!! I'll include a few pictures of LeAnne playing in the boxes and eating ice at Grandma's house.
It's great to have John home, even though he's on nights. He's having a rough time getting his body clock adjusted and I hate not seeing him as much. It's an adjustment. He can't believe how much LeAnne has changed and enjoys every spare second he can with his lil girl.

LeAnne has gone back to blowing raspberry's like crazy and she gets so proud of herself. She is a crawling machine I tell ya, she's trying really hard to get up on her hands and knees and when she does look out! She definitely loves her voice -- La La la, and of course ama ma ma ama when she needs something. :-)

I am doing well - continue to look for a job, may have some temporary work through Express Personal. I have good and bad days as far as going back to work. I know I have to go cause we need the $ but it breaks my heart to leave my little girl and I worry how I'll handle everything. John is very supportive and I have to let him be there to help me and not be super woman. I'd appreciate your prayers. I've been praying for peace, for strength, and for God to help me to let go of some of the control - to let him carry my burdens and help me to fully trust He has a plan for us and will protect and guide us. Oh I pray one day I can be at home with LeAnne and our future child -- yes I did say future child -- IF it's God's will we would like to have one more but I think we will wait until LeAnne is 15 months or so.
Okay lil one is up so much HURRY to upload pictures. Love ya'll TONS!!!

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