Thursday, May 8, 2008

First hair cut

Not many babies need to have their hair cut 3 days before they turn 7 months old. Grandma Marcia and I took LeAnne to Creative Design today to have Christine cut her hair. We thought we were in trouble when she was being very crabby while we waited our turn. Thankfully though she was a very good little girl. Grandma held her so mama could work the camera. She had toys but her favorite toy was Christine's comb. She looks so cute!!! Christine put some hair conditioner to help maintain those curls and showed us some techiques. Bad mama confession -- I forgot to keep a little of her hair -- ooops -- I'll grab some from the next trim and she'll never know it wasn't her first. Were off to get her pictures taken today.

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Eva Foster said...

Sweet pictures! I need to get Mackenzie's hair cut but I'm dreading that she won't sit still for it. Looking cute LeAnne!