Monday, May 19, 2008

Future American Idol contestant

Stop the presses we may have a future American Idol contestant on our hands! LeAnne has learned how to say La la la la la la. Mom and I are always going say Ma Ma, Da Da, La La, Ba ba and then yesterday mom was singing her a song that and was singing La la la la la and were in the middle of Super 1 grocery shopping when LeAnne figure out she could sing La la la la. She was pretty proud of herself and continued to sing loudly all through Super 1 and then Walmart. She's so adorable! ** We are HAPPY to be home! I can't believe how much everything has changed in a week. The flowers and trees are beautiful! I'll take some pictures once I get the lawn mowed. I'll tell ya there is no limiting where LeAnne will crawl these days -- time to get the baby gates mounted and the house baby proofed. Yesterday she discovered the movie shelf and the tile floor. EEKS! Look out! ** 5 more days until John comes home!!! SWEET! I MISS him so much! Today is our 7th anniversary and I really wish he was home today more than ever. He's not going to believe how much LeAnne has changed. Well speaking of LeAnne she's starting to wake up so mama needs a cup of coffee. Enjoy the video! Lets hope she gets her grandma and daddy's singing abilities.

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