Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Update

Lots to say and this mama bear is exhausted so lets get started. Good Byes are never easy! We had an amazing time with Amanda this last month and a half. She's a very special young lady. It's been so much fun watching her and LeAnne together! We are hoping she will be spending Christmas with us this year. Having her fly is definitely worth the cost. Her plane departed Pasco at 2:05pm and she got into Portland at 3pm. She actually beat us home. We miss her already. The house is not the same tonight. Here is a picture I took of Daddy & his girls today.

LeAnne scored a new toy today. I happen to check Craigslist last night and saw someone in Pasco was selling a rocking Police motorcycle for $5, since we were going there today I e-mailed to see if it was available. We picked it up today on our way home. It's in great condition and LeAnne absolutely LOVES it. She is figuring out how to use it really fast. She's got on it once by herself, she can rock it, likes to push it and give mama a heart attack by standing on the seat. EEKS! Here is a picture and a video clip.

LeAnne was in rare form yesterday. She was one crabby patty! One of those moods that guarantee she'll be my only child. It was ROUGH! I had a sneaky suspicious she was teething and sure enough big sister was the first to lay eyes on her 2nd top tooth. We had many precious moments with her today that made up for yesterday. :-) She is so close to walking.

Composing this update has been difficult to say the least. LeAnne has woke up twice, the video took forever to upload and I've lost my internet connection at least twice. I'll write more tomorrow because I wanted to share about my bible study time this morning and a super job lead. My brain is mush so I am off to watch Michael Phelps and then off to sleep. Love ya'll !!

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Kristin said...

She started riding, then walking it. Did the bike run out of gas? LOL! I guess she doesn't know that walking the rocker means she's walking... she's just holding on! ROFL! Mom said that I did that for a long time, too. Great video (now I have to get caught up and watch the other two)!