Sunday, August 17, 2008

Psalm 23:1 I shall not want

*** Update *** 8/18/08 - I turned in my application/resume this morning to the Dayton School District. Now I wait to see what God has in store. I prayed the whole way there (all 3 minutes) took a deep breath and turned it over to God.

The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not be in want. Psalm 23:1

I have been doing a bible study by Elizabeth George called Powerful Promises for Every Woman, 12 Life Changing truths from Psalm 23. This past year our family has been through many life changing experiences, our focus in life has changed, we are adjusting to new roles, and this has all be a bit overwhelming at times. I have found myself needing to draw closer to God so this study has been a helpful.

The chapter that hit home earlier this week is called God's Promise of Provision. These words by Elizabeth were a big encouragement and also convicted me to remember God's promise:

Step up to your impossible situation...and step out in faith. God not only leads you and cares for you, but he provides for you, too. Where God guides, He provides. Therefore, you shall not want...for anything!

I know God has a perfect plan for my life, He led us here to Dayton in a manner I have no doubt He wants us here so I am convicted to remember that He will provide for us and I MUST seek his guidance. I must loosen my gripe and let him take the reins of my life. So I've prayed for God to guide me, to help me to totally trust He has a place for me and He will provide for me.

After completing this study on Saturday morning I went online to look for jobs in the Union Bulletin newspaper, as I've done almost every day since February, and here is what I saw;

Position open in the Dayton School District for 3 paraprofessionals and one HS assistant football coach. For more information please call Jana Eaton at 382-2543. Application and job description can be picked up in the administration office at 609 S Second Street. Closing date August 27th. EOE

I would LOVE this job and WOW talk about God providing. The hours would be amazing, I would be close to home which means no commute/a LOT less gas, I am told it is a very relaxed environment to work in, I would be closer to LeAnne during the day, later on I would be able to be involved in LeAnne's school because I was close and I LOVE children. I later found out their are 2 openings for special needs aids and one for an elementary aid. There again God is nudging me because of my huge heart for children with special needs.

My application is filled out and my resume printed. I need to contact one more reference and then I will take the paper work to the school district tomorrow. IF this is where God wants me it WILL happen. I'd appreciate your prayers -- Pray I seek God's guidance and KNOW He will provide ALL I need!!!

Thank-you very much!

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