Friday, August 29, 2008

The verdict is in...

For now I must take the advice of one wise little fish who said "Just keep swimming swimming swimming." (Dori from Finding Nemo)

I talked with the principal this morning, they really enjoyed the interview, it was close but they hired someone else for the position. She would really like me to be a sub and said I'd be an asset to the district later on down the road. I am bummed to say the least, I thought this is where God wanted me, so here we go again. I will be applying for an education assistant position with the another school district and keep on the look out for other prospects. I think I will call the principal back on Tuesday one I've had some time to digest all this and take the substitute job. Something is better than nothing and it is a way for me to get my foot in the door. Please keep on prayin God's will for my life will become apparent one of these days! I know He will provide!!!!! I tell ya though the searching, waiting and the rejection sure do take a toll.
Love ya'll. Have a great weekend! John is home so we are looking forward to some family time. We are going to the Walla Walla fair on Saturday.

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