Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Priceless moments

Good Morning! LeAnne is still sleeping! She went to bed around 9pm and it's now 6:34am! Mama got 2 nights of sleep in a row! Party time! Oh plus 2 days in a row of getting a shower, dressed and eating breakfast before my lil princess awakes! SWEET! PRAISE God!!! :-)
Onto the priceless moments... Amanda & LeAnne were dancing to a song LeAnne loves yesterday and Amanda says "she is going to be so much more fun the next time I see her". It's just so COOL that Amanda loves her lil sister. She wants us to teach her how to say sister. We told her she needs teeth to say her S's so for awhile it might sound more like "thither". LOL!! Then yesterday while I was over watering mom's plants I left a sleeping LeAnne home with John and Amanda but when I came home I found out she didn't stay asleep in her bed for long. Daddy said she was in there for 15 minutes tops. So he held her for a while, then he had to do something so Amanda held her for a bit and that's when he captures the priceless pic you see above. When I got home I took the pic of John and LeAnne because I was thinking of how she use to sleep like that all the time and how tiny she was.
Lil girl is waking up so must sign off for now. I tell ya its AMAZING how much better this mama feels with a good nights sleep!!! Have a day full of fun and blessings!

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