Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Litte girl please throw that ball !!

LeAnne is interacting with our fur babies a lot more these days. She knows which one is Gracie & which one is Bella. She pets them very nicely, well most of the time. She loves it when the girls come into see her while she is taking a bath, jump up on the side of the tub so she can give them kisses. She also loves to play fetch with them, well more like keep away. Both dogs are VERY patient and gentle with her. They will follow her around, and gently try to take the ball away from her. Gracie especially loves to lick her face when she's laying on the floor, but she is the dog that can't control her licker. (liquor). LOL! Of course the dogs love parking out under her high chair when she's eating, just waiting for her to throw them a treat and most meals she is happy to share.

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