Sunday, February 22, 2009

A year has flown by...

This time last year we were just getting settled into our new home. John & I were still sleeping in LeAnne's room because our King size bed was too big for the movers to get upstairs. Thankfully my sister's family helped us move it upstairs on Easter Sunday. It's been an eventful year full of firsts and new adventures in home ownership. In the pictures above notice the drawer was painted red, and the porch is different. The porch will need to be redone again, the tile just can't handle the harsh weather.

I've been asked by a few "am I happy we moved"? I say yes for the most part. I do miss my family & friends and the church we loved! I pray in time I'll meet new friends and find a church were we feel at home. I love our house, I am very thankful for the time I had to spend with LeAnne, and I love our backyard. It's neat being able to walk to town in 10 minutes, to the park in 15 minutes, and it's peaceful here. It is beautiful here and I love that LeAnne will grow up learning about farming and nature. I am thankful John is very happy with his job and I am thankful for my job. A wise person from Boeing (Kathy V.) told me that I would more than likely find myself doing something completely different and sure enough she was right.

We had an awsome visit with my lil bro and sister in law this weekend. LeAnne was very apprehensive of Uncle Greg but it didn't take her long at all to warm up to both her Aunt & Uncle. Those 2 are going to make terrific parents when they think they're ready. :-)

Have a blessed week!!

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