Sunday, February 8, 2009

A mellow weekend

It has been a very mellow weekend at our house. Daddy is working. I declared a mellow weekend. Saturday I did some house work, laundry and we went to dinner to celebrate my youngest nieces birthday. LeAnne was on her best behavior at the restaurant. Then Sunday has been very laid back. I've done some house work, finished up preparing an V-day art project, have spent lots of time hanging out with our little girl and now here updating our blog while LeAnne naps. I am feeling a bit guilty for not finishing up the house work but it will still be their later this week right. I have to let myself relax sometimes and just spend time with our girl.

Check out the adorable outfit Grandma Nana sent LeAnne all the way from Texas! It's fits her perfect and she looks so cute. Here she is rocking her Valentines day puppies this morning. They sing a cute little tune when she presses the foot.

LeAnne was so happy to see daddy when he came home this morning. They played and oh my you should have heard her laughing as he tickled her. Then it was time for some cuddling with daddy right before he went to bed. I am so thankful LeAnne has an awesome daddy.

Here is a peak at the art project mom and I came up with for my student at school. His picture will be centered on the front, then he will decorate the front & back with embellishments of his choice and once it opens he will write a greeting.

This week will be a busy week at school with swimming lessons, basket ball games, and A Valentines Day part on Thursday. I am going to make heart shaped sugar cookies to take for him to frost for the party.

Then next Saturday LeAnne is going to spend the day with Grandma Marcia and John & I are off to Tri-Cities for the day. I am going to spend my birthday money, we may pick up some prepared dinners to freeze, do some more window shopping, maybe catch a movie and top the day off with dinner at Olive Garden. I am really looking forward to some alone time with my guy!

Do you remember what we were doing this time last year? Click on the links to take a trip down memory lane. The big announcement, firsts & official dates, and rolling over on Valentines day. Oh boy how life has changed.

Have a blessed week!

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