Monday, February 23, 2009

Outside & Toys that make noise...

Showing me the dogs balls. It looks like she's say ickkkkkk Isn't this jacket adorable! It sure keeps her nice and warm.

Who needs a sandbox when you have rocks under
your porch? :-)

Is she adorable or what! :-)

Oh! Excited about her rocks!! :-)

LeAnne loves being outside so lately we've been bundling her up and out we go. She now says "out" and knows she needs to put her coat on and then heads for the back door. She loves to collect the dogs balls and put them into her wagon, and one of her favorite past times in putting rocks in her bucket. She knows the dog pooh is ick and wen she sees me picking up she can be heard say "ickkkkkkkkkkk"! Mom has a swing for her at her house that I will get some pictures of too. I look forward to taking her to the park, and playing in our backyard lots. Daddy is going to build her a swing set. :-) Spring can't get here soon enough for any of us.

On a side note I am quite sure toys that make noise at Midnight should be BURNED! Last night was the 2nd time LeAnne was woke up by a toy going off. Grrr! I woke up to Itsy Bitsy Spider and then a crying baby! Of course then she had a rough time going back to sleep and I was very upset. Daddy is threatening to take all the batteries out of her toys. I don't know that we need to go that far but I for sure will be turning them off at night. From now on I am all for traditional toys with no batteries required. :-)

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