Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! John & I had a fun trip to the Tri-Cities but were very glad to leave the traffic behind. It was nice to be able to talk with him and explore carefree. LeAnne had a fun day with Grandma. On Sunday daddy changed out the front door and finished putting baby safty locks on all our drawers and cupboards. This should cut the times we have to say no to LeAnne down by half. LOL!! I went shopping on Monday with mom. LeAnne had a blast carrying an Easter basket around JoAnne's. She must practice for the wedding.

It was very nice to have a few days in a row with LeAnne. It really makes me look forward to this summer. She's definitely busy and now she's trying really hard to make words. This weekend she said "Shoe". She also started saying what kinda sounds like "out". :-)

On Monday I took her down stairs to play while I cleaned up my scrap room. She had a blast, and kept busy enough I was able to scrap book one page. It's pretty simple but it's done and cute.

Here she is laughing while playing fetch with Gracie

Here she is enjoying her Valentine's Day card
from Auntie Katie! :-)

Yahooo! I finally got this video to upload to Youtube! It's a cute one of her having a blast on her pony Lucky! :-)


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Jana she is the cutest little thing ever! I just got all caught up on your blog! I can't believe how much she has grown!