Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beatutiful Landscaping

WOW the landscaping in our front yard is so beautiful all thankful to my hard working man! John has done a ton of research and done a lot of hard work to make our yard look gorgeous! I am so thankful! We get tons of compliments from people who pass by, especially since before our house was fixed up it was quite trashy. People are always amazed at the transformation. Home ownership suits John! He loves having his own place to fix up. He takes great pride in making sure our place looks amazing! Thank-you honey!!

Daddy also put LeAnne's hair up in pig tails for the first time yesterday & then sent me a picture in a text message while I was at work. He did a GREAT job! LeAnne looked adorable! I am very blessed to have such an amazing husband!!

Isn't it gorgeous! John built the bridge, carefully researched the right plants, the brick is slanted to give a raised bed effect and the plow we purchased from a nearby town. (side note: how much is that doggie in the window)

Here's a front view of the house showing the 2 planting beds he created on either side of the walk way & you can see placement of the big planting bed. He also created a new planted bed by the fence and is nearly complete with another planting bed by the road.

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Anonymous said...

very, very nice. a job well done. that bridge is amazing.