Monday, June 22, 2009

Letting lose after the wedding

It was an amazing wedding! The homestead where the wedding was held was breath taking. The decorations were simple & eloquent. My niece was a gorgeous bride! After some concern about the weather it couldn't have turned out more beautiful. All of the brides maids looked amazing. The girls clean up nice. The flower girls looked like little princesses. A lot of people worked very hard to make this wedding awesome. Overall LeAnne's behavior was exceptional. She is definitely a free spirited 20 month old. When it came time to go down the aisle she was quite entertaining. She refused to hold hands with the other 2 flower girls, walked behind them and headed right for the ropes so daddy coaxed her down the aisle then her and the next youngest flower girl played on a white blanket behind the brides maids during the ceramony. It was a great ceramomy. Once the ceremony was done we swooped up LeAnne, changed her into another dress so she could play and oh boy did she play. We changed her a little too soon (oops missed the whole wedding party pictures) but she was done, and I was done. She ran all over the farm and daddy & I took turns chasing her. She was one exhausted girl that night. I'll share formal wedding pictures as soon as I get access to them.

She loves being on daddy's shoulders!

Playing on the straw bales

Running through the trees

Our pretty princess next to wedding flowers

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