Sunday, June 14, 2009

We were brave,we endured, we survived & thrived!

Our adorable daughter has now survived 3 days being bottle free! She is doing much better than I expected. She's almost over getting upset when she sees a cup come out of the microwave instead of a bottle. She only cried for few seconds this morning before she crawled up into my lap to watch cartoons and drink her cup of milk. Way to little girl! Your mama is so proud of you!

I was brave today & went to our neighbors 50th wedding anniversary BBQ all by myself! John is working tonight so he had to sleep. Mind you I was a nervous wreck...arg I can't stand I am such a wuss in social situations. I want friends, I need friends, and I do okay socially once I get into a situation and establish some common ground. It's just venturing outside of my box, I need a push! John says my box needs a make over. I agree...

I am no longer a garden virgin! hee hee :-) I harvested my first head of lettuce tonight! Wahooooo! I even took a picture. As I took this picture I was trying to figure out how to pose the lettuce, sad eh? I have lots more lettuce to harvest and share tomorrow. It's so sweet how LeAnne walks over to the garden and says "num, num, num" and then says "peas". She loves the to eat the peas and lettuce. I think I have found just the right size garden for me! Thank-you to my wonderful husband for building me the most gorgeous raised bed garden. :-)

Isn't that the most beautiful head of lettuce you've ever seen?

After you oooh & ahhh over the cutie patootie in her bathing suit check out how well everything in the garden is growing! :-)

I completed 8 scrap book pages in 3 days! Do I rock or what? LOL!! They were pretty simple layouts but those memories are forever preserved. Here are a few of the Layouts I completed. I have 2 more pages to do in my pregnancy book & it will be completed. I think I have 4 more pages to do in LeAnne's 1st year book then I'll be moving onto her 2nd year. I take way too many pictures of our lil girl & have to choose the best to scrap. I hope to get Amanda's book up to date & work on her baby book. WOW so must to scrap! I love it!

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb". Psalm 139:12

Leonard Family portraits 2008 - Goes in Amanda's book

Leonard Family portraits 2008 - Goes in LeAnne's book

Then what blog update would be complete without some adorkable pictures of our precious girl. We were playing with her Easter hat this morning while cleaning her drawers. It was time to pack away her winter/clothes that are too small and organize her drawers. Have I told ya'll how incredibly blessed I feel to have such amazing family & friends! My lil girl doesn't want for a thing! You are a blessing to us.

I think the combination of her overalls & hat are too cute!

Precious girl!

Pretty Pretty girl!

This past week was full of wonderful news, memories were created, and this next week will be very busy but also full of wonderful memories. Thank-you Lord for blessing our family! I pray that you will be with everyone who is traveling to our neck of the country, I pray you'd help us to get our tasks accomplished, to keep our cool, to help us to savor the moments, to remind us to be thankful and I pray that you will bless the new marriage of the young couple. :-)

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