Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Howdy & welcome to another installment of Thankful Thursday. Come along with me as I ramble on about what I am thankful for at this moment.

Thankful for my Summer vacation! I love being home with our daughter. I love our morning snuggle time. I love our daily walk to the park. I love watching her play in her pool on warm summer days. I love talking to her about everything we see and hear, hoping she'll start talking more & more.

Thankful my husband is now on vacation for 10 days! I know he has a list of projects he wants to do around the house but I hope he takes a break too. He works very hard!

Thankful can lean on Jesus and trust Him in all situations. It is so comforting to know He is with us ALWAYS & he has already written our stories.

Thankful we are able to take a vacation to Eagle Crest, Oregon for a week. Grateful for the time Grammy & Grampy gave us in their time share! Excited to meet our nephew for the first time and see our niece again. Thrilled to see all John's family. We don't see them near enough.

Thankful LeAnne is saying a new word, "whoa" and making animal sounds for a bear, a cat, a birdie, a cow, a sheep, and a dog.

Thankful for God's word. Especially thankful for my quiet time reflection about marriage. Thankful for God's wisdom.

Thankful for an amazing wedding last Saturday. My niece made a beautiful bride! LeAnne was entertaining. She made it down the aisle. :-) The weather was perfect, decorations awesome, food was sensational, and the ceremony was very special.

Thankful for God's provisions. I am thankful we have enough and are making ends meet. Pray we follow God's guidance, pray we are responsible & resource full with God's provisions.

Thankful for the time we've had to visit with family from out of town. It's great to see them. Thankful they could stay so long.

Thankful for the safe travels for everyone who was here for the wedding.

Thankful family time.

Thankful for facebook, and the blogs I follow.

Thankful for photography & scrapbooking. I love preserving the memories for my children.

Thankful for the warm summer weather.

Thankful oh so thankful!

Thanks for joining me for Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for?

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