Friday, June 12, 2009

Kicking of Summer 2009 !

Schools out and I am so thrilled to be a stay at home mom for 3 months! I said I was going to sleep in and be a bum all day today but I am not much good at relaxing so I'll just keep it in low gear today. I did sleep in until 5:30, spent some time cuddling with LeAnne this morning and as soon as I finish this I am going to go see if I can get a scrap book page started while she naps.

Today is day 1 for LeAnne not having any bottles. She's doing better than I expected. She has only gotten really upset twice. This morning she took one look at the cup and was screamed then got down off my lap and went to the fridge like "I want my bottle". I stayed the course, she threw a cried a bit then came back to sit on my lap and within few minutes she was reaching for the cup. She didn't drink her normal morning amount of milk but she drank a fair amount. Yahoooo! It was a little bitter sweet watching her drink her last bottle last night. She's not a baby anymore.

Daddy set up LeAnne's swimming pool early this morning, I put on her cute lil swim diaper & swim suit for the first time this summer! It was a little chilly to be playing in the water yet so we didn't play long but she was excited to see her new pool.

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Kristin said...

That has GOT to be the coolest pool I've ever seen!

Great news about the bottle-weaning! Hang in there, mama!

ENJOY your summer!!!!! :-)