Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our tap dancing girl/pics w/Auntie & Nana

It was a beautiful summer day here in our neck of the woods. LeAnne spent a few hours playing outside. I filled up her swimming pool a little this morning so the water could get warmed up but do you think she played in it at first. No, she played in her bucket & her wagon that both had water in them.

In the afternoon Grandma, Nana & Auntie Katie came over for a visit. I am thrilled LeAnne is warming up to her family. She has been giving kisses, sitting next to them and let Auntie Katie pick her up today. Here are some priceless pictures!

Thank-you Auntie Laura for the adorable tap shoes! She LOVES them!

We are so HAPPY daddy is off work for 10 days! :-)

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