Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I can hardly believe the day I've been counting down to is here, the last day of school at Dixie Elementary and my last day of work for 3 months. Thank-you Lord leading me through a successful school year. Thank-you for helping me through the rough spots and helping me see the bigger picture! Thank-you for giving me a special gift to work with children with special needs. Thank-you for bringing my student into my life. He has enriched my life, I love him as my own and see bright things for his future. I received my first teacher's gift yesterday from my student, a beautiful gold glass apple with sparkles inside. My young man was so excited to give it to me and the hug came with it was priceless. Oh I am going to miss that lil guy this summer!

Happy 20 months old lil girl! Can you believe in 4 months LeAnne will be 2 years old? I know I can't. Last night as I gave her a bath we shared a some very sweet moments. She was sitting down, I started to wash her feet and sing "You are my Sunshine". She stared into my eyes with the most peaceful look on her face. She would get excited when my voice changed, say "peas" when I came to the line "please don't take my sunshine away" and let out a sweet lil squeal at the end of the song. It was precious for sure! Thank-you Lord for those moments, I felt so connected to my sweet girl. Thank-you for blessing our lives with LeAnne. She is our miracle! Thank you for helping me through the storms of infertility and blessing me with this beautiful child.

Somewhere today a new life is being woven in their mothers womb. Thank-you Lord for the precious gift you have give us women. It's an amazing to feel a life being created inside of your body. I remember when I was pregnant with LeAnne how in awe I was of the fact that you had already written the whole book about LeAnne. You already knew she'd be born early, you knew she'd have a ton of hair, you knew she'd be a screamer from day one, you knew how much joy she would bring us and you know all the steps of your life in the future. I pray that if it is your will that you will bless our family with another child in your perfect timing! I pray that if it is not your will then Lord please change the yearning of my heart and let me be thankful in all circumstances.

Speaking of knowing... you knew... you've know... that one day I would marry my husband. Thank-you Lord for this awesome man in my life. He's all I have ever prayed for in a husband and father for our children. I never knew marriage could be this amazing! Lord Please help me to love him as you love him, help me to honor him as his wife, and Lord help us to be a great team. I pray that you will protect our marriage from attacks of this world, I pray that you will help us to always stay connected, to be aware of anything that might harm our marriage and I pray that you would help us to keep working to become a better team. Lord help us to leave a legacy of love to our children.

Thank-you Lord for the hunger for your word! Thank-you for continually opening my eyes and heart! Thank-you for providing for my family. Thank-you for the lessons you teach me daily. Thank-you for filling my life with abundant blessings. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 hit home today... am I thankful in ALL situations? I think back to some of the struggles of my life and try to remember if I was thankful while the storm was raging around me. In most cases I'd say no I wasn't. I regretfully remember being a spoiled brat child of yours just wanting you to lift me from the storm and answer my prayer. I do remember a few circumstances where I tried to be thankful, but Lord I want to be truly thankful in ALL situations not just when life is going my way. Lord I've spent time looking back and my life and I am now thankful for where I've been. Thank-you for shaping me, thank-you for the pain, and thank-you for the joy!

Are you thankful in ALL circumstances?

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