Thursday, September 4, 2008

I took the challenge...

Sept. 4 -Stop the presses... I actually started 3 scrap book pages today in my pregnancy album!!! Earlier today I was reading a blog I frequent often (she's an amazing scrapbooker) and she mentioned a friend of hers (also has an infant) has challenged herself to complete 3 scrapbook pages a week, so she was taking the challenge and offered the challenge to her readers. I am taking the challenging!! I need a goal, I won't let it distract me from everything else that must be done and I won't get mad if I don't make the challenge every week but I've gotta strive to find some me time. continued post on 9/7/08 ... I am realizing more and more that since having LeAnne, quiting my job at Boeing, and moving across state that who I am has been rocked to the core, shaken up a bit and now I am working to put me back together. It was fitting that my first 3 layouts were in my pregnancy album. I am almost finished with them, but they need a little more embellishment and I'll do that when LeAnne goes down tonight. They are simple layouts but I have a feeling for a while my layouts will be simple due to time, and my creative juices gotta get warmed up again. It feels good to work in my craft room. I loved being pregnant, especially the middle of my pregnancy. I loved feeling LeAnne move. I know this sounds odd to most women but I'd eagerly be pregnant again and I want to experience labor & delivery again. My labor and delivery was amazing. I truly believe that the hypnosis techniques that I learned and John's support made all the difference. If I knew that baby #2 would be laid back and sleep through the night I'd already be chomping at the bit to get pg again. Note I didn't have any drugs except Pitocin to induce my labor after my water broke and I was in hard labor for 10 hours. That being said I am pretty sure we will wait until LeAnne is almost 3 before we start thinking about #2. Without further babbling here are the layouts.

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