Monday, September 22, 2008

I WORKED today!!!!

8:00am today I got a call from the substitute coordinator for the Dayton School district. I was thrown off by the lateness of the call and I'll tell you that I hesitated for a minute or two. I had so much I wanted to get done today, to prepare for my interview tomorrow but then I felt the tug saying hello you can turn down this opportunity. You need to get your foot in the door, turn this down they might not call back and you can't turn down a chance to make money for your family. So I called mom and we sprung into action. I was at Dayton Elementary by 8:35 am. Ironic thing is I was a sub for the person who got the teacher's aide position I interview for. UGH! Today made me want the job even more! Within minutes of being there I had 4 eager/antsy 2nd graders looking at me. It was reading time - we worked on sounds of letters. They did well. After my second group of readers I had recces duty, then break and then recess again. Then I did math with 2 4th graders. That went very well! Then I had lunch room duty, recess and lunch room duty again for different grades. Then I had lunch myself! It was so much fun to go home to my lil girl so excited to see her mama. The school is 2 minutes max from my mom's place. Then when I went back I helped 2 lil girls with their math. that was a challenge, they needed some help for sure but did well once we got into it. Then I had a break but Thank God I went back to the main classroom because I had to hurry up and figure out how to teach a 4th grade reading lesson. OMGosh the teacher and aides had a week to learn how to teach this stuff and I had 10 minutes max! Ahhh That was the most stressful part of the day but thankfully the 3 boys I had did fairly well for the most part. It was a challenge, but we worked through it. Then I hung out with a group of kids before they got on the bus to go home. I was at my mom's by 3:05pm to pick up LeAnne! Oh man I want that job!

Our God is so GREAT! I was so nervous this morning as I prayed on the way to school that He would guide me every step of the way and prayed that LeAnne would have a good day with Grandma. He provided once again!! PRAISE GOD! When I felt inadequate I pulled it together and just kept on moving forward. LeAnne has an AMAZING day with grandma! She napped well, is walking so much more, did eat the best, was so happy to see her mama and is napping right now. Thank-you Lord for this amazing day!! Off to cook dinner and clean up! John's home so he's eager to help.

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