Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Greg & Luke/New sounds

Happy birthday to Uncle Greg! My lil bro is entering his last year of his 20's, in talking to him this morning he says "it's just a number, it's not like I can turn back time or anything". It was great to talk to my lil bro this morning.

Also celebrating a birthday today is a wonderful little boy in California. Happy 1st birthday Luke! Luke's mom & I met online on a yahoo message board while we were on our infertility journey. I've gotten to know Amy quite well, we've talked on the phone and e-mail frequently. We are admit we will meet one day. I know they have lots of family and friends around them as they celebrate Luke's 1st birthday today. I would appreciate if you would keep Luke in your prayers as he has a Dr's apt later this month with his cardiologist to determine if he will need surgery on his heart. I'll share pictures of Luke's birthday with you if Amy doesn't mind.

LeAnne's newest noise is too cute -- sounds kinda like a lion roaring but missing a few sounds. I'll get it on video if I can but until then here is a cute video I took yesterday. I'll apologize in advance because it's sideways...oops . I don't know why I do it but I do it ALL the time. If anyone out there knows how I can fix it please e-mail me or comment. It was too cute not to share though.

okay must be off to change her poopiness, then off to watched daddy building her fence. Love ya'll!

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